Small maintenance work

Skilled craftsmen working with us for ordinary maintenance works such as painting walls, sanitary replacement, repair or replacement of equipment, etc. etc.


We support customers in the sales route and purchase or lease properties.

Evaluation and expertise

Each building has its own history as well as each apartment and it is for this reason that even in the same area, or even in the same building or in an immediately adjacent, two properties maybe didn't have the same value.

An hour of your time for an accurate and free evaluation is what is necessary to give the right value to your property.

For a good evaluation is necessary to measure the apartment, take some pictures, at least some reference, check the correspondence of the cadastral plan to the state of fact and view the purchase agreement (deed), from which are deduced the cadastral data and if there are particular constraints of any nature whatsoever.

Design and Renovation

At your disposal the following services:

1) Cadastral and floor plans.

2) Architects and Surveyors for interior design, renovation and fitting out of existing documents as necessary (floor plans that do not correspond to the factual status etc.).

3) Renovation and new construction; we have more 'companies that can cure your properties from top to bottom, from the internal restructuring to small repair.

To offer a truly comprehensive service, we employ professionals such as architects, surveyors, construction companies, electricians, plumbers.


We are able to follow the customer in the purchase at auction of properties, looking and proposing properties that fall within budget and to the desired characteristics.

We follow the auction and all subsequent stages of the renovation for resale or rental.

Certification APE

Licensed professionals issuing this document required to be provided in case of sale, lease or construction.