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Immobiliare Porta Cicca, Real Estare in Milano - Porta Ticinese - Navigli - Bocconi e more

It's midnight on the dot / there is darken, darken is there / there is someone that searches moeucc [cigarette filter] Milan sings an old song, remember the ancient craft of the catamoeucc , wallets butts of cigars and cigarettes. The catamoeucc turned at night, before the release of the scavengers, and with a pin placed at the bottom of a collecting stick butts (in Milanese butt, also connected to CICC, sliver) left on the ground, and then fabricate new cigarettes from modest price . They were in the Porta Ticinese, and since that Door was also popularly called Porta Cicca , some say the two things they would be in relation. In short, Porta Cicca, it would mean, more or less, Port Cigarette, Porta butt. Too bad, though, that this name dates back to the days when cigars and cigarettes were not.   

In Milan ancient, though, cica also means drunkenness. Even today, we find ciocch drunk-ass, drunk, shot, little drink, glass of wine or liquor. That area was famous for the inns, the trani, the places of serving. In short, for the places where they drank. And from here derives the name Porta Cicca.   

Instead, according to another hypothesis equally impressive, cica would be for nothing, nothing. You Varet a cica, it's no good. In that area there were many poor, many containing anything.   

The final assumption relates Cicca with cica, prostitute (from the Spanish chica, girl.)   

Finally, a few words on the official name, Porta Ticinese. Located in the southwestern part of the city, it opened (and open) to Pavia (Ticinum in Latin), from which it takes its name. It would still be more correct to say that the doors are opened Ticino to Pavia. The first, the medieval Porta Ticinese is located near the San Lorenzo Columns. Not far away, the majestic center of the large square on May 24, there is the other, the modern Porta Ticinese. By Luigi Cagnola, it dates back to the early nineteenth century. So talk about Stendhal: And 'beautiful without being copied from the old.   

In short, summarizing: Porta butt, drunk Porta, Porta Nothing, Port Beaches, Old Port Pavese, Pavese Porta Nuova. [2]   

[1] It is midnight, / it's dark, it's dark / is what you are searching butts   

[2] The game goes on: CICC also means ball, butt and spit. Could find other etymologies: Porta Biglia, Porta Spit ...